Our Services

Liberacerta is a social enterprise. This means we use the economic forces to help people to do the right things in the right way.

Our profession is information technology and our aims are focused on a maximum benefit for the society, more specifically your target group. We build and run services for your social business.

We know common threats and opportunities very well. Our many years of experience allow us to produce top-notch software services, be it cloud services, apps, mobile apps or enterprise solutions. What differentiates us from other IT professionals is our strong commitment to ethical aspects.

We love to spend some extra time for your charitable projects. This is why you will find a great partner in us.

  • Donations

    Collect money around the world -
    For your ideas and the people you have in mind.

  • IaaS, SaaS, Docker

    We show you how to leverage cloud services and container orchestration to meet your needs.

  • Security

    Assisting in the provisioning and service of secure systems.

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge management, e-learning and educational solutions.

  • Data

    Data analysis and computation with an ethical mindset.

  • Apps

    Mobile apps and web apps, serious games.