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How Communication Works

I will always appreciate people who try to get in touch with me. Alas, as time is limited for us all and information overflow is unavoidable, there are a few explanations I will give ahead:

  1. If we are already in contact, an answer might not take longer than a week.
  2. If we never communicated before, an answer might take up to 30 days.
  3. If there is no answer within 30 days, there might not come any answer at all. In this case I actively decided not to answer. There can be many reasons for such a decision and none does (necessarily) imply lack of interest or any offense.
  4. Answers do not correlate to the number of tries (i.e. number of messages sent).
  5. For business inquiries rely on the respective contact information and service phone number (Tagading, Screenguest, Attribui).
  6. For support requests rely on provided portals, personal contacts and service level agreements.

The easiest way to contact me is to send a short email message to

Alternatively, visit my profile at LinkedIn: and contact me from there.

Another option is my ResearchGate profile.

You can also write a letter:

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